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Ultimate Seam Guide
Size: 45" x 63"
Technique: Rag quilting.

Choose a variety of homespun or brushed plaid fabrics from several different color families to make this lap size rag quilt. Batting is optional. One fat quarter is needed for each 9" finished block, making it easy to figure yardage for a custom size quilt. Simply cut and layer squares of fabric, sew and quilt the layers at the same time, assemble the blocks, add a pieced edging from scraps, clip the seams, wash and dry, and you’re done. For easier cutting and assembly work with only 6 fabrics at a time, stacking and cutting them into squares then removing some of the top fabrics and placing on the bottom until you have 6 different fabrics on top for 6 different block arrangements. A tip is included for keeping most of the lint out of the washer and dryer.
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